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Finding candidates for projects who really fit a company, who have the right qualifications and who harmonize on a human level has always been the great challenge in the staffing industry. The team of Zietgeistatwork looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the field of screening and recruiting high qualified professionals.

Today, Zietgeistatwork operates the most advanced technical tools for the matching process, which help to precisely capture qualifications, to classify skills accurately and to understand personalities in all their complexity.

Today, Zietgeistatwork has reached a level of automation that only a few years ago would have seemed unthinkable. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to reach very precise, computer-based decisions where the “intuition factor” no longer plays a role.

Digitalization makes it possible to track personality attributes and micro-skills and helps to evaluate candidates beyond university degrees or credentials in a very complete way. Zietgeistatwork creates individual and transparent qualification profiles that ultimately make a perfect match possible.

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